Web Design & Development

The Web Developmnet Process

01. Your Goals

Your website is unique. I gain an understanding of the goals your website is intended to accomplish. I discover your needs, brand and company identity, and then determine the right course of action.

02. Creating A Plan

After our initial meeting, I’ll construct an outline of your website development project, including what I need from you, project milestones and deadlines, decide what technologies to use, and together, we will come up with a plan of action.

03. Development Begins

I’ll set up a development server and begin executing our plan. At each critical phase, I’ll upload changes to the development server and provide you with the link so you can give your feedback and help guide the project along.

This will also allow us to test features out and nail down the exact layout/funcitonality that you desire, saving us valuable time in the end.

04. Quality Assurance

Once everything is in place, thorough testing will begin. Not only will the front end be tested extensively in all major browsers and on all popular platforms, I’ll re-examine the code behind the site to be certain I’ve adhered to modern coding standards.

At this point, I’ll go through my checklist of everything a new site needs, setting up any redirects if this is a redesign, adding analytics and any other desired tracking codes, etc.

05. The Launch

This is what we’ve all been waiting for.  Once your new site has passed all quality checks and tests, I’ll put your site on a live server and point your domain name so the world can see your site!