Maintenance Package

Costs Associated With Having A Website

There are a few costs associated with having a website, besides the cost of design and development. You need a domain name, an SSL certificate (security), and a way to host the website.

These are the “set” costs. They will cost $xx every year or month. Then you have other costs like website maintenance. Think regular security audits, website and database backups, and updating the technologies used as new ones become available.

I find a lot of my clients would rather not deal with any of this so I offer a maintenance package that includes everything listed above. They have one monthly cost to deal with and I handle everything for them.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is required for all websites today. It used to be, if you didn’t have an ecommerce store, you really didn’t need one. Now, if you don’t have one, it negatively affects your search engine rankings so skipping out on this isn’t an option anymore.

Maintenance Packages

As I said, a mainenance package with me will include your SSL certificate, hosting your website (if you don’t already have hosting set up), and general mainenance and backups of both your website and any database associated with it.